About Us

Ciall Health believes that a healthy and happy workforce is an essential component for a company to continue as a productive and sustainable business. Our goal is to encourage your employees to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, through building strong foundations in what they eat and how they live. Evidence and experience tell us you can increase your workplace productivity and resilience and strengthen employee’s ability to adapt to change. Your investment and commitment in your employees will ultimately enhance your company’s growth

Why work with Ciall Health?

Our company offers bespoke health, wellbeing and nutritional advice for employers and their employees. We provide tailored programmes for all types of business ranging from small, medium to large corporate entities.

✔ Our programmes start with group workshops where we share knowledge and advice on how to eat and live a healthier life.
✔ Our programme follows-up with individual nutrition sessions, where we make that information relevant to each of your employees. Our individual coaching sessions are offered without judgement, something we pride ourselves on, in a supportive and trusting connection that will see your staff room buzzing with enthusiasm about how change is possible.

The benefits of a successful workplace wellbeing programme have been well documented. Beginning with improved employee health, which can aid in increased retention levels and higher levels of both engagement and productivity. Choose us to help you deliver those benefits.

We have a multi disciplined team, who bring a vast amount of experience across multiple sectors including multinational organisations in services, manufacturing and banking.


Qualified Team

Ciall Health Limited was founded because we are passionate about nutrition

Marie Donnellan

Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr)

(BSc., dipNT, MSc)

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What our clients think….

“Ciall Health were very informative, interesting, and enlightening without being judgmental. The presenters were passionate and knowledgeable, working well with our employees to create better balance in their approach to diet and lifestyle through simple sustainable changes. A partner definitely worth working with”