Food and minding your mood!

This month I talk through some of the nutrients and dietary patterns that have been linked with our neurological state. Research is growing in the area of nutritional psychiatry, and we are beginning to get a greater understanding of how nutrition affects mental health.

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Is going on another diet really the best for our health long-term?

Diet culture is ingrained in our daily lives, and this culture is often supported by social media seeking for us all to fit into an ideal aesthetic. In this month’s blog we look at diets, their sustainability, the mindset they create and how using a slow and steady approach in adopting health promoting behaviours is better for our wellbeing and health outcomes.

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A Focus on Diet and Men’s Health!

Did you know that men in Ireland have a shorter life expectancy than women! In 2021, life expectancy at birth for women was about 84.1 years, while life expectancy at birth for men was about 80.2 years on average, nearly 4 years less (1). The top three causes of death in 2022 were malignant neoplasms (cancer), diseases of the heart and arteries (cardiovascular disease (CVD)) and then lung diseases (2). This month’s blog is a focus on men’s health and how their diet can help improve outcomes for some of the key challenges men face.

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Eating well for Menopause and beyond!

Do you find that in times of stress, your diet is one of the first things to suffer! Contrary to what we might think, stress is normal and so is our body’s psychological and physical reaction to it! Indeed, research shows us that a small amount of stress can be good for us and gets us motivated to get stuff done. It improves memory, is beneficial to performance and motivation, and activates the immune system.

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