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Are you aware of the extent to which menopause impacts wellbeing at work?

Do you find that in times of stress, your diet is one of the first things to suffer! Contrary to what we might think, stress is normal and so is our body’s psychological and physical reaction to it! Indeed, research shows us that a small amount of stress can be good for us and gets us motivated to get stuff done. It improves memory, is beneficial to performance and motivation, and activates the immune system.

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Here is why you should engage in an employee wellbeing program!

There is certainly a lot more conversation in the workplace about employee wellbeing and maybe that's one thing we are grateful for post pandemic. Now more than ever, we all understand that people drivers far outweigh the financial drivers of a wellbeing program. The focus on employee wellbeing has moved up the priority list, with employers far more aware of the need to support employees

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Do you feel bloated and uncomfortable at work after eating?

At some stage or another, we have found ourselves experiencing that uncomfortable feeling of bloating while sitting at work. The feelings of discomfort and sometimes pain can be unsettling. Mostly it’s just temporary and we need to loosen a belt or a button. However for many, it can be a recurring uncomfortable problem that impacts on how we work.

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