Is there a link between sleep and what we eat?

It's hard to imagine that we spend one-third of our life sleeping and that it's as essential to our life as eating, drinking and breathing are. It’s often one of the lifestyle recommendations we are asked to consider. Mainly because most of us for one reason or another, are not getting enough of it! Indeed a lack of sleep can lead to health problems.  We need sleep for the brain and body to rest, recharge and do much-needed repair. Chronic lack of sleep can increase the risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and depression (1). Research also shows that reduced sleep impacts our food intake, which may explain why many of us crave more caffeine and fatty, sweet, and salty foods!

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Why focusing on smaller changes to your diet could be a better approach for your health!

How many of us have tried (maybe even several times) to eat healthy at the start of a new week or month, only to get a few days in and find its not sustainable! Making smaller changes in our diet, allowing a nudge towards a modification in our behaviour, is often easier to do consistently and can in the longer-term give better results. However, here are many reasons why even making smaller changes can be difficult. From the constant marketing of foods that are nutrient poor, to the challenge of restricting certain foods to then craving them even more and in some cases overeating. To the fact that we are all individuals, and our needs are not the same as others, due to our gender, genetics, metabolism and lifestyle to name a few. So here are a few areas to consider, so that you can start to make smaller changes in your diet towards a healthier lifespan.

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How to eat healthy on a budget until your next pay day!

It's January and for many it’s a new beginning of what we will do differently and better this year. It’s also when the reality sinks in of Christmas overspending and the challenge of how we get to pay day at the end of January. No matter what your situation, most of us will feel some level of need to cut back this month. However how we eat does not have to be one of them and indeed eating well on a budget can be done!

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Does thinking about food take the joy out of Christmas for you?

I know it feels early to be mentioning Christmas for us too. However we feel it's a good time to bring up this conversation about food while you have the time to contemplate it. Many celebrations involve food and for some, it can send us into an anxious spin about holiday weight gain and un-doing any good 'work' they've put into their diet at this point.

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Do you feel bloated and uncomfortable at work after eating?

At some stage or another, we have found ourselves experiencing that uncomfortable feeling of bloating while sitting at work. The feelings of discomfort and sometimes pain can be unsettling. Mostly it’s just temporary and we need to loosen a belt or a button. However for many, it can be a recurring uncomfortable problem that impacts on how we work.

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Three healthy eating habits to carry with you on holidays

Over a third of all adults in Ireland (36%) say that they regularly suffer from stress. Many are working more hours and taking less time off, and in turn we are hearing of various mental and physical health challenges. When work is overwhelming and your work-life balance feels out of whack, it’s time to take the holiday and embrace every moment of it so that you can literally soak up all those health benefits.

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Is going on another diet really the best for our health long-term?

Diet culture is ingrained in our daily lives, and this culture is often supported by social media seeking for us all to fit into an ideal aesthetic. In this month’s blog we look at diets, their sustainability, the mindset they create and how using a slow and steady approach in adopting health promoting behaviours is better for our wellbeing and health outcomes.

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