Does thinking about food take the joy out of Christmas for you?

I know it feels early to be mentioning Christmas for us too. However we feel it's a good time to bring up this conversation about food while you have the time to contemplate it. Many celebrations involve food and for some, it can send us into an anxious spin about holiday weight gain and un-doing any good 'work' they've put into their diet at this point.

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Do you feel it in your tummy during times of stress?

Do you find that in times of stress, your diet is one of the first things to suffer! Contrary to what we might think, stress is normal and so is our body’s psychological and physical reaction to it! Indeed, research shows us that a small amount of stress can be good for us and gets us motivated to get stuff done. It improves memory, is beneficial to performance and motivation, and activates the immune system.

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Four weeks to help you embrace stress and create positive results in your life

Many of us spend much time trying to rid stress from our lives, with little success. The honest truth is that most of us thrive on a little stress in our lives. It’s what keeps us going, striving for achievements. So consider this as a possibility - if we worked on embracing stress as a part of normal life but learned to manage our response to our stressors better?

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