“The facts about gut health” Webinar

The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on the risks of poor health and well-being. This has been evidenced with the level of business disruption, bringing workplace wellbeing to the forefront. Employees are the most important asset of a business, a healthy workforce can enable a more competitive business.

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The importance of Vitamin D for our health

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, which plays a central role in our health. It is obtained during exposure to sunlight by skin biosynthesis and from natural dietary sources. Due to the lack of prolonged sunshine in Ireland and the low dietary Vitamin D intake, deficiency is a critical problem in Ireland for all age groups.

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Why invest in an Employee health program

At Ciall Health we understand that a healthier workforce is paramount to the success of a company. Studies have shown many benefits including reduced absenteeism, more engaged and greater staff morale. Plus, a healthy workforce is more likely to attract and retain key staff.

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Tips to help your immune system

I purposely called this article how to help your immune system as opposed to boosting your immune system. The idea that you can boost your immune system is tempting but the immune system is a system and not a single entity.

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5 reasons to get more FIBRE into your diet?

Fibre belongs to the carbohydrates nutrient group. So that means that plants are the only foods that give us dietary fibre. But fibre, unlike sugars and starch, don't get broken down in the small intestines for glucose absorption, aka energy production, they carry on down undigested to the lower intestines where all the good fibre work happens.

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Help to avoid the pitfalls of food shopping

Many people dread going food shopping - the traffic, parking, shopping bags, patience and sheer diligence required sometimes can be overwhelming. This can be further exacerbated with children when pester power kicks in! So here are some simple tips that may help in doing the dreaded chore.

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