Denise Wogan

I’m Denise, a Nutritional Therapist and Life Coach. I love working with people, plain and simple, supporting them to make change tangible. In my past career as a Relationship Manager overseeing 15 funds worth $4 billion in assets under management, I managed people to deliver results. I kept a bird’s eye view on what was happening within my business, my client’s and the market, and kept the CLIENT happy everyday by facilitating action. I understand how complex running a business is.

However my own health issues led me on a new journey where I have learned how complex our body system is. I also know through my personal struggles and my client work that making  and sustaining change to how we eat and live and sustaining them can be both exhausting and frustrating. I work with you to match the simple common sense changes I see that will lead you to feeling on top of your game to your expectations and your life. I teach you about food, your relationship with it and how to apply it to my daily life practices through effective mindset tools.

When I am not beavering away in my office learning and creating, you will find me hosting talks, workshops and coaching my clients which is what sets my heart on fire.

My professional credentials

  • BTEC Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Health Coaching
  • Crossfields Institute Diploma in Nutritional Science and Therapeutics
  • Professional Life Coach Accredited Coach Specific Training with International Coaching Federation
  • Bachelor of Business Studies & French in University of Limerick

I work with you to create a workshop for your workplace, picking specifically designed solutions that best fit with your business.

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