Resilience can be thought of in terms of a person’s resources, both physical and mental, to react and cope with life events as they unfold. Warmly referred to as their Bounce Back ability. Knowing that productivity can be increased through addressing individuals personal wellbeing, it’s interesting to learn that those “personal resources an individual needs are affected by work and non-work factors” as Shain and Kramer in 2004 suggest.

What you offer as a workplace employee wellbeing programme over the longer term can impact your employees resilience positively as studied by Hale et al, 2019 who note that the how we work forms part of the wider determinants of health and personal environment that we can influence these beyond biological make up..

A comprehensive approach to health promotion in the workplace is therefore one in which both individual and organisational influences on health are targeted simultaneously. Shain and Kramer (2004:647)

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Happier workforce

As highlighted in this article, poor eating and exercise habits are impacting not only your employees personal health but also their professional performance. Interestingly loss in productivity is noted to be greater in specific age groups, those in the 30-39 bracket and industry, those in service and transportation. You can read the full article here.

At Ciall Health we trust that strong health strong foundations are built from the very basics of eating practices. Sustaining simple changes to how you eat and live into the longer term. It is enlightening to know that the science is now providing the evidence that food can build a happier workforce. Mujcic and Oswald reviewed the impact of increased consumption of fruit and vegetables on happiness, read the study here. As we know most people are motivated to change their health status for physical reasons, however this study found that when you change the focus to well-being the benefits of change are noted immediately. Wouldn’t it be nice to come to work to find a happier workforce everyday!.

A workforce which feels valued

An employee will feel valued if the company actually cares about their best interests. “An employee wellness program can provide an opportunity for morale enhancement by having groups of employees set health goals and work with each other to achieve those goals. In turn, group norms in the organization surrounding and supporting healthier lifestyles should crystallise”.

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