Healthier workforce

At Ciall health we understand that a healthier workforce is paramount to the success of a company. Studies have shown reduced absenteeism, more engaged and greater staff morale. Plus a healthy workforce is more likely to attract and retain staff

An obvious benefit of having a healthy workforce is that healthier employees are absent less often. Healthy workers are more motivated to stay in work, recover from sickness quicker and are at less risk of long term illness. Interestingly employees’ loyalty increases as happiness does. See here for more info. This study concludes that the health status of an employee can predict the level of productivity and absenteeism

Staff Absenteeism & Retention

The cost of absenteeism is significant to a business.  In Ireland, the Department of Public Expenditure’s research on full-time Civil Service employees, showed a rate of 8.8 days per FTE for absence in 2017. See here for more

Wee et al looked at the socio-economic factors along with health factors that contribute to high absenteeism.

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Improved employee performance

Gunter et al, outline that a healthier workforce is also more productive estimating that for every dollar saved in direct health care costs, employers receive an extra $2.30 in improved performance or productivity. See here for more info

An unhealthy employee will not perform optimally at work (presenteeism), complete work in a timely manner (delayed production) and absence may increase. All these steps have real impacts on the performance of an organisation

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