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What is Nutritional Support?

When it comes to Nutrition, one size definitely does not fit all. This is why personalised nutrition is for EVERYONE who wants to improve their overall wellbeing and increase energy levels .

In recognising each person as an individual with unique requirements, we take time to consider their life and define personalised nutrition plans that take in account all the aspects of the individual, not just what they put into their mouth.

We work from the philosophy that we are all biochemically individual and therefore all nutrition and lifestyle advice should be made relevant to the person: taking their age, life-stage, economic status, health status, culture and food values into consideration as part of the process. This is why recommendations are tailored to each individual goals, ability to make change and sustain change. This includes carefully selected dietary recommendations, practical meal suggestions and recipes.

How does the consultation process flow?

The process includes an initial consultation, and a number of subsequent sessions where we partner together to make the recommended changes a reality in your life. Here is some information on how the process works.

The Consultation Process

What type of support is provided?

Depending on your life stage you will be at various stages of commitment. What this means is that you don’t have to wait until you have all the boxes ticked to begin. You can start with the basics and begin to feel some much better from your very next meal.

Kick Start your Wellness

We start with everyone by building strong foundations. We work on cleaning up your diet, making sure you are functioning with optimal blood sugar levels. We are also sowing the seeds of change for your lifestyle choices that will help you ultimately feel better everyday. In doing the simplest of things we can achieve so much.

Sustaining and practicing into the future

Where necessary if supplements or stricter regimes have been advised, we work to elevate the food back to the main part of the protocol and supplements are worked out of the diet. Lifestyle measures will now be part of a conscious pattern of behaviour and we are working towards self accountability and management of triggers going forward. You are becoming your own guide of your journey, your own support.

Dig deeper to feel even better

As you begin to understand your new way of eating and the lifestyle activities that support that nutrition to help you feel better every day, we are getting down and dirty. We are looking at those triggers in more detail, supporting wellbeing with specific foods and tackling individual symptoms. At this point we may be supporting systems with specific supplements to address imbalances and deficiency.

What kind of people do we talk to?

Our clients are highly functioning people and yet they are experiencing health niggles and thoughts that something is just not right. Some ask themselves why do I feel so confused about what I should eat when I can manage a sale worth millions? Others get stuck in a pattern of yo-yo diets ending ultimately in the self negative self-talk and binges are the fridge. Others are just so exhausted that the very thoughts of adding one more ‘chore’ into their life sees them ignoring their health.

Nutritional Therapy helps you to identify the foods that make you look and feel your best. Nutritional therapy leaves you feeling confident that you can assess what you are eating, change how you are eating and stick to it.

As therapists we work with people offering nutritional support to people along with lifestyle recommendations to support these dietary changes in order to optimise their health and find balance within their body.

Digestive Troubles

Constipation, Diarrhoea, Bloating, IBS, Reflux, Food Intolerances, Diverticulitis

Mental Wellbeing

Low mood, Anxiety, Constant Fatigue, Poor Concentration, Low Energy

Women’s Health

Infertility, PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis, Menopause symptoms, Thrush, Cystitis

Body Image

Weight gain/inability to lose weight, sugar cravings, blood sugar imbalances, diabetes

What is Life Coaching?

Most of us are striving for something; career progression, a first marathon, business growth or the much coveted balance in life. Wouldn’t it feel nice to approach even the simplest of things like doing the dishes, not feeling like you are on a deadline. The people we work with are not only fully functioning but highly functioning. However as they approach change or new tasks, overwhelm takes over and they get STUCK.

Life coaching is a partnership of self discovery where you will uncover

● the strengths within that will allow you to get up and live your best life.
● the behaviours that are impacting your ability to achieve what you want to achieve.
● the internal power you have to feel resilient each day as you face the natural challenges of life.

Life coaching is not therapy, we are not looking into your story to resolve any trauma. Life coaching is like taking a trip around your mind that helps you unravel the knots that are impeding your performance.

As you learn that you are the instigator of your own success you will believe in yourself and you will succeed in achieving your goals, transforming how you function.

The process is usually 4-6 sessions long. We begin with a contracting session where we work together to set out the boundaries, discuss how we will both be and determine your goal for our time together. During the sessions we will use tools from NLP, transactional analysis and others to create awareness within you for what the next move it. We won’t be working on your past, however we may dip into some of the events of your life to understand how you are interacting today. All good things must come to an end, so we will also close off our work together in one session.

What about medical conditions?

Our sessions are not a diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions, which is solely carried out by doctors.  They are not a substitute for professional medical advice. It is the responsibility of the individual to contact their GP or specialist about any health concerns they may have.

Our role is one of support using nutritional, lifestyle based and related health sciences in order to assist the individual to optimise their health.

Can I do this online?

We can work online or offline with our workshops, programmes and the personal 1:1s. While our preferred operation of choice is to work with you in person, we are all learning during these Covid days that Wellbeing can be supported very well through virtual means. It is the power of human connection that will create the atmosphere and experience, not the mode of connection.

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