Workplace Wellness

Tailored Workshops and programmes

We believe nutrition is the cornerstone to good health and this forms the basis of all our services. All our workshops / programmes are specifically customised to your business and employee nutritional needs. We work with you to understand your business, working ethos, current environment and potential struggles. From there we create a unique and tailored nutritional approach to Workplace Wellbeing that is specific to the needs of your business.




  • Learning how to feel energised for work

  • How nutrition can boost employee performance

  • Jumpstart healthy changes in your life

  • Stress & your nutritional health

  • Navigating emotional eating

  • Building resilience with nutrition

  • Common Sense Health

  • Nutrition | Sleep | Movement

  • Mind my mind | Building resilience | Goal Setting

Please note:

We are now running webinars for businesses & employees; we understand that these are unprecedented times and working from home is the new norm but that doesn’t mean you can’t avail of some of our great programmes.

Flexibility in how we deliver

We appreciate that each business has different needs, therefore we create our programmes to compliment your working day. Offering Breakfast and Lunch sessions that allow your employees to learn in an informal way without impacting the focus of their work.

We understand that you may have multiple locations and facilitate video link up to other sites or offices so that you can be inclusive to all your employees.

Our workshops and programs can be facilitated both onsite or offsite, if your office environment does not lend itself to group work. Employee 1-1 consultations are offered on-site, however  we have found that being able to offer these online too is very appealing to employees giving them a broader range of flexibility to fit wellness into their life.

Because we know how confusing it can be out there in the nutrition and wellness world, we offer monthly support with online blogs, videos and recipes that ensure that your employees spend less time browsing and more time practising our simple message.

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Personalised Nutrition

Working with you, to create an individual plan for you and your lifestyle

Part of our approach is working on a 1:1 with your employees. We can work to create a specific, measurable and achievable plan in a timeline and number of sessions that best suit their needs. For example we have an option to work over two sessions, a first consult for 1 hour where we gather detailed information on your current diet, exercise and lifestyle, create a plan with you and then follow-up 4 weeks later.


  • Personalized Nutrition

  • Life Coaching

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