“The facts about gut health” Webinar

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    “The facts about gut health”

    Friday April 30th at 1pm

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    The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on the risks of poor health and well-being. This has been evidenced with the level of business disruption, bringing workplace wellbeing to the forefront.

    Employees are the most important asset of a business, a healthy workforce can enable a more competitive business. Supporting your employees health and wellbeing drives the health and resilience of your business. 

    The impacts of stress can be felt in the gut!

    • Stress has been linked to issues in the digestive system.
    • Stress-related symptoms can be felt in the gut and the symptoms and severity can vary by individual. Some may need medical help and time to recover or for others, it can be the irritation of excessive abdominal bloating or flatulence and the discomfort these bring.
    • Consequently, the health of our gut, is an important factor in our performance at work.

    As April is IBS awareness month, it is important to be aware that:

    • It’s estimated that between 10 and 25% of the general population suffer with IBS.1
    • For employees with IBS approximately 24.3% reported absenteeism from work.2
    • Physical symptoms including fatigue and psychological factors influence an employees ability to be present, active and productive at work.2
    • Differences in the gut microbiome have been observed with those suffering from IBS. 3

    Why offer a webinar on gut health to your employees?

    • In this webinar we share evidence-based knowledge of the gut and help you to make sense of how it can be impacted by stress.
    • We discuss practical ways in which you can support your gut everyday, so that you can influence your energy, your digestion and your mood.
    • What we eat during our workday can have a significant impact on our sense of wellbeing and our productivity and performance.
    • Encouraging a healthy workplace culture will boost motivation and morale amongst employees.

    We will cover:

    • How educating your employees on Gut Health will benefit your business.
    • Gut Health is central to all health.
    • 5 Challenges your employees face with Gut health.
    • How your Wellbeing initiatives help focus on gut health?


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