Workplace Wellbeing

We will work with you to create a workshop for your workplace, picking specifically designed solutions that best fit with your business. As an example we can offer evidence based, nutritional education on the following;

Simple is sustainable

  • What should be on your plate to achieve a balanced meal.
  • How a balanced meal can help you minimize the sugar highs and lows and the reduce impact of the afternoon slump.
  • Understand how to navigate the shopping basket, we will guide you through a typical week of meals.
  • Healthy shopping advice will be given based on your requirements and based on your budget.

Managing stress and your health

  • If stress is normal, why does it feel so wrong?
  • We will help you understand the long-term impacts that stress has on your body. Like gut health – IBS and intestinal permeability, emotional eating and sleep disturbance
  • In this workshop we will help your employees define & implement tools & techniques that build their resilience to stress.

Building your immunity

Is your immune system on alert and why would this be the case. Could foods be causing you challenges?
Understanding what foods support your immune system and how to get more of them in your diet.


We can offer programs that cater to specific needs in your business, based on your employee demographic and needs. Our programs can be run over a 2 hourly, half or full day manner. We can facilitate these over breakfast, lunch at a time that suits your working day. Some examples include;

What hormone imbalance can look like

  • Hormones play an important role every day in how we feel, therefore maintaining balance is key so that they can function as needed. A poor diet, lack of exercise and stress can all contribute to imbalance.
  • The liver is the waste disposal unit for the body detoxifying toxins, waste products, alcohol and hormones. It needs to be supported to function optimally.
  • Eating a range of foods daily, providing your body with the nutrients needed to increase and maintain your energy levels through the day.
  • Minimize the impact of those afternoon slumps through a diet that prevents you feeling tired, balance your blood sugars and minimises cravings to maintain an appropriate appetite.

Gut reset

  • What we eat impacts what we feel through what is known as the gut brain axis. When the gut is not working optimally, the ability to absorb nutrients is reduced and how we feel is impacted.
  • We will help you understand trigger foods. These are removed reducing gut inflammation, allowing us to repair any niggles. We can help you find foods that support your gut to work at its optimum.

Emotional Eating

  • Emotional eating is the practice of consuming large quantities of food — usually “comfort” or junk foods — in response to feelings instead of hunger. Experts estimate that 75% of overeating is caused by emotions.”
  • Most people will experience episodes of emotional eating during periods of high stress and anxiety. However like all stress conditions, when the behaviour does not stop after the event, it is advisable to analyse if there is a need to understand your relationship with food and eating patterns.
  • This 8 session programme is designed to help you understand the difference between physical and emotional hunger. You will identify and understand your triggers, you will learn to listen to your internal hunger and fullness cues whilst also learning what kinds of foods and behaviours are nourishing to your body. The key to the programme is bringing awareness to the emotions you may be feeding, and through this self discovery process you will develop a positive relationship with food and yourself that prevents emotional eating.

A schedule that suits your business needs

We can deliver our tailor made workshops and programs in a manner that suits your business. We can work onsite or offsite, we can facilitate video link ups to other sites or offices. We can deliver our sessions through for example;

We will work with you to create a workshop for your workplace, picking specifically designed solutions that best fit with your business.

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